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NGO Detail

For the first time, the Parmarth Foundation undertook the task of providing the best quality generic and branded medicines to the townspeople of Bhavnagar at a discounted rate of 18% to 80% as well as being useful for the benefit of the patients.


Opposite the main post office, the space with Niranjan Photo Stores on High Court Road was made available free of cost by Mr. Parimalbhai Kapadia, from where thousands of patients have been given excellent generic medicines by Parmarth Pharmacy in the last two years and benefited the public by an estimated Rs. 20 lacs.


Renowned businessman Shri Chetanbhai Tamboli set up a medical store at the Steelcast Campus at Ruvapari Road and entrusted it to the Parmarth Foundation to run it, which has resulted in hundreds of patients around the Ruvapari area today.


Renowned dentist Nirmalbhai Vakil and Dr. Manish Vakil gave us his hospital space in Madhavajyot in Kalanalala free of cost, in which the third medical store named Parmarth Pharmacy was inaugurated by the organization. Etc. concluded in the presence of donors.